Maya M Sherer is A Traveling Israeli American Artist from Los Angeles, California.

Maya Sherer grew up trained as a figure skater and gymnast. She found herself discovering painting and theater and began to build on her passion for all things Art. Having Graduated from the Hamilton High School Academy of Music, Maya began working in Hollywood doing Film, Theater and Television. She traveled Europe with the world renowned Colburn Choir as a featured soloist, was nominated for the Jerry Herman Awards and KCATCF award as well as won a National Youth Art Award. Now with a vocational Certificate form the Pacific Conservatory Theater,  and a Dance intensive Certification from Millennium Dance Complex, Maya's relationship with a script and audience has expanded to be far more than receiving of applause or laughter; It's all about the story and how to give audiences all over the world a new perspective on emotions, social constructs, history, cultures, unity, diversity, imagination, and truth. Art is a bridge that connects everyone, which is why Ms. Sherer finds herself working on so many different platforms and art forms. Her training in costuming, animation, design, film editing and writing allow for her to be a well rounded artist able to contribute to any production and project.

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Shoe Painting, Costuming & Henna

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